Become an Aerialist

An aerialist is an acrobat who specializes in mid-air tricks, like trapeze performances. If you go to the circus, you’ll get to watch aerialists flying through the air.

Aerial Silk

One of the most popular aerial disciplines due to its versatility, Aerial Silks involves two lengths of fabric rigged from the ceiling. Starting off with a variety of climbs to build your strength and get you off the ground, the moves progress into wrapping and manoeuvring your body around (and upside down) the silks to pull off some photo-worthy moves. The more adventurous aerialist would also work towards drops from a height.

Aerial Silks is a perfect starting ground if you’d like to improve your body awareness, with classes focusing on working to safely improve both functional strength and flexibility. Lessons are structured to cater to varying levels, from the absolute beginner to the aspiring circus artist, with moves and exercises allowing for progression to higher ability levels.

Aerial Hoop

The Aerial Hoop is an extremely dynamic apparatus, being a circular steel ring that provides the perfect frame for your acrobatic moves. It provides an excellent platform for an endless combination of transitions and fluid movements, especially when spinning.

Whilst it may seem like a daunting apparatus, we stand by our key tenets of making it as accessible to every aspiring aerialist at each stage of their burgeoning career. Rest assured that each class will have a ratio of two people per hoop, providing sufficient time for you perfect your moves. With a maximum of 7 people per instructor, we do our best to ensure that you get the attention you need.


Aerial Straps require not only a great amount of strength, but also unwavering determination. The moves executed on the Aerial Straps are very much similar to those of gymnastic rings, with the straps wrapping firmly around your wrists to test your strength and precision.

It is a demanding discipline, and we advise that you have some former experience or training with your own body weight before giving this a go. Expect slow but extremely rewarding progressions as you focus on firing on specific muscle groups at exact moments to perform switches and holds.

Static Trapeze

A favoured apparatus with those dipping their toes into Aerial Fitness, the Static Trapeze provides a stable bar for you to build strength and confidence, especially with going upside down. Starting off with pikes and inverts, you then work your way up to moves that involve a great deal of balance between the ropes. Control and body awareness in relation to the Static Trapeze will definitely aid in transferring skills over to other apparatus as well.

We maintain a ratio of two people per trapeze to ensure that everyone gets sufficient trapeze time. With a maximum of seven students per teacher, we go to every effort to make sure you’re always getting the attention you deserve.






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